HONEYCOMB The Modular Greensystem

At Pollen we’ve reinvented the greenwall, it’s brand new and it’s called HONEYCOMB.

HONEYCOMB is designed specifically for commercial interiors, each cell holds two 18cm plant pots, delivering lots of plants at the right height for optimum occupant benefit. It’s self supporting so you can build it up off the floor, hang it from the ceiling, mount to or off the wall, all without taking up precious floor space.

A super robust connector system makes it quick and easy to assemble. Designed to work with off the shelf components wall and ceiling installations are affordable and safe.


Multitask with HONEYCOMB

Whether office privacy screen, partition or security wall HONEYCOMB is greenwall and architectural component combined. Change out planted cells for product display or lighting cells, HONEYCOMB is a beautiful, versatile and functional way of creating a healthy interior landscape.

Let Pollen convert your current plant spend into a functional, effective and beautiful office landscape. Let us coordinate with your current plant supplier or provide plants and maintenance through one of our affiliates.

Let us

Indoor Outdoor Flow

Before you ask, yes, HONEYCOMB works just fine outdoors. So traffic barriers, wind diffusers, or delineation for outdoor bar and cafe areas suddenly become lush green. It’s a slightly different system fitted with a tamper proof integrated pot unique to HONEYCOMB.

Like we said it’s brand new so we’ll post some images asap.

Service and Supply

Pollen offers a complete design and installation service for HONEYCOMB including irrigation and runoff management for outdoor installations. But if you want to do it your self, no problem. We’ll set you up with the dos and donts then you can go crazy.

Why we Designed HONEYCOMB

The greener the interior environment, the happier people are, the healthier they are. The happier and healthier they are, the more productive they are. More plants, more dollars, more happiness and lower staff churn. Bottom line response, even the boss is happy.

At Pollen we’ve reinvented how you create a green wall that is appropriate, effective and space efficient in office environments. Its called HONEYCOMB.

HONEYCOMB is extremely versatile and delivers lots of plants off any surface, to maximum occupant benefit.

HONEYCOMB is modular, scalable, self-supporting and multi functions as a screen, space divider, or security barrier.

HONEYCOMB mounts to floor, wall or ceiling. If you build it off the floor, a super slim footprint takes up minimal space.

It’s the modular greensystem, that makes you feel better.

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