The Mini Daisychain Planter

Lil’Daisy is a useful thing to have around. Hang your herbs in the kitchen, your Cacti in your lounge. Clip on photos and notes or hang car keys or jewellery.

You get three in a pack, so you can rack and stack those items straight away.

Fold them up your self and use our clever ledge hook with a bit of bluetack to hang them where you like.

If you like, paint them before folding.

Lil’Daisy, its the mini DAISYCHAIN planter from Pollen.

We don’t have the store set up yet. So if you want to buy Lil’Daisy a 3 pack in natural galvanised finish is NZD $49 including gst and postage within NZ.

Just send us an email with how many you’re after and a delivery address and we’ll do the rest. Easy!


Assembly is Easy

Lil’Daisy is child’s play to put together.

  1. Gradually fold up the spokes, rotating as you go.
  2. Use a tool to push out the hang ring
  3. Chain ’em together and hang ’em high.
  4. Daisy’s clever hang hook can be screwed to the ceiling, or use bluetack or doublesided tape to fix to any surface.