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Feel Better, Work Better

Improve your workplace health


Multifunction Office Greening

Acoustic Panels, Whiteboards, Shelving, Lighting and Plants, One System


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Feel Better, Work Better.

At Pollen we thought a green wall should be a three hundred and sixty degree green experience. We thought it shouldn’t take up precious floor space and it must embody the energy and aesthetic of the busy, modern office. So we invented HONEYCOMB, the only freestanding, slim footprint, green wall system that integrates plants, acoustic panels, whiteboards, lighting and shelving. This means you can reprogram your space to create semi permeable quiet spaces, control noise, get creative, or display your products at the same time as reaping the benefits of lots of plants that make everyone feel better.

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Happier & Healthier.

An American study revealed increased direct visibility of plants in the workplace increased happiness and productivity of employees. 

Integrating plants into the built environment is called biophilic design. Biophilics work on the principle that the greener the interior environment the happier people are. The happier they are the healthier they are. The happier and healthier they are, the more productive they are. More plants, more happiness, more productivity, more dollars, lower staff churn and a more profitable business. That’s why biophilic design is so important in the modern work environment.


HONEYCOMB Service and Supply

Pollen offers a complete design and installation service. Send us some basic dimensions, drawings or a photo of your space and we’ll return  a concept image and quote to you quick sticks, and completely free.


HONEYCOMB is specifically designed to efficiently position lots of plants at the right height for maximum occupant benefit. It’s the Interior biophilic office system that makes everyone feel better.

Getting the most out of HONEYCOMB means getting the right plants that actually improve air quality, look great, and keep looking great. Quality plant care providers supply and maintain plants for a fixed monthly rate that includes the replacement of unwell plants. HONEYCOMB system lets you choose how many office plants you want to suit your plant hire budget.  You can fill in unplanted areas with our repositionable felt acoustic panels, whiteboards or shelving.

Let us coordinate with your current plant supplier or provide plants and maintenance through one of our plant care affiliates.

Get a Free Concept & Quote Now
Honeycomb Green wall SOFTCELL Autex Cube acoustic panels


Every HONEYCOMB living wall we install is different and unique to our clients needs. For this reason HONEYCOMB modular greenwall is sold by the cell rather than the square meter. Once we have configured the perfect layout specific to your space, we add up the number of cells used, add the fixings you’ll need plus any accessories you want and calculate a final installed price.

We produce a presentation image from our 3d software and present this with our quote for you to review. From there you can make adjustments until we’ve got it exactly right.

We manufacture to order so it takes between 4 and 6 weeks to receive your HONEYCOMB.

Designing With HONEYCOMB

HONEYCOMB is a modular system. This means it scales to fit the largest and smallest of spaces or budgets. 

Modularity also means you can buy some now, then when your needs grow, add some later. When it’s time to move, take HONEYCOMB with you and reconfigure it to suit your new space. It’s self supporting so you can build it up off the floor, hang it from the ceiling, mount to or off the wall, all without taking up precious floor space. A super robust connector system makes it quick and easy to assemble. Designed to work with off the shelf components, wall and ceiling installations are affordable and safe.

If you are a designer or would like more detailed information on coverage, fixing and assembly download the HONEYCOMB Design Guide and 3d models from our downloads page.

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Here's what our awesome clients say about HONEYCOMB.

HONEYCOMB seems to be everyone’s favourite thing in our new office, spectacular is the word. Thanks Adam.

AnnaSustainabilty and Partnerships Manager, New Zealand Oil & Gas

Thanks Adam, the walls look great!

LauraMorphum Ltd

Very happy with the results Adam


We've greatly appreciated your work with us and I hope there's an opportunity to do more next year. Please keep me up to date with your designs so we can weave them into our plans.


The wall looks awesome, the team are very happy with it. I think the LIGHTCELLs are a great touch!