Take It Outside

HONEYCOMB loves the outdoors. Architectural screens, brise soleil, privacy screening, wind diffusers, or attractive security screening all become lush green. Call it a vertical garden, green wall or living wall its all about purposeful greening of your vertical landscape space.

Just like our indoor living wall you can build it, hang it, or wall mount it and if you change your mind take it apart and start again. It is a slightly different system for outside, fitted with a tamper proof integrated pot to deter vandalism and irrigation to suit environment and plant choice.




HONEYCOMB durable and safe

Our connector system is quick and easy, it’s also robust and has been tested for seismic and impact resistance, so its safe either at home or on the street. A variety of finishes are available for HONEYCOMB outside but we prefer the self protecting properties of Corten high carbon steel, it’s a natural rust finish, it doesn’t cost the earth and it lasts.


Service and Supply

Pollen offers a complete design and installation service for HONEYCOMB including irrigation, runoff management for outdoor installations and engineering for specific design applications. But if you want to do it your self, no problem. We’ll set you up with the dos and donts then you can go crazy.

HONEYCOMB the Purposeful Greenwall

The greener the environment, the happier people are, the healthier they are. At Pollen we’ve reinvented the vertical garden, it uses minimum space and effectively delivers lots of greenery into an environment. Its called HONEYCOMB.

HONEYCOMB differentiates from other products by being purposeful as well as green.

HONEYCOMB is modular, scalable, self-supporting and functions as an architectural barrier, privacy screen for apartment decks, wind diffusing screen, sun shade, or security screen.

HONEYCOMB is extremely versatile and delivers lots of plants off any surface.

HONEYCOMB is engineered and safe to use at home or on the street.

It’s the modular green wall, that makes you feel better.

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